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5 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Roof Tips | 0 comments

Time just may be of the essence when it comes to replacing your roof. We know what you are thinking. How do I even know when to replace my roof? That’s the tricky part. This is a question that varies for many circumstances concerning the physical state of your roof. Unless you have obvious damage or minor issues that are visible, it may be difficult to know when to replace your roof. The thing is, you won’t always know when a replacement is needed. But, professional roofers are qualified to help you figure that out. However, until the professionals show up, keep an eye out for these five signs that your roof needs a replacement.


 Potential Signs That You Need a Replacement:

1). Cracked shingles– Cracked shingles are a common sign that you may need a replacement. The cracked shingles can mean there’s been significant damage or movement within the roof. This can impact the long-term quality of the roof and the duration of the its’ lifespan. So, don’t ignore what might seem like a small crack because, as we all know, things may not always be as they seem!

2). Curled or cupped shingle– Curled shingle tabs stick out like a sore thumb! If you look at your shingles and notice the corners beginning to curl upwards, we have a problem. Unfortunately, it is bound to happen as the shingles age and go through harsh climates. What can we say, those shingles have a mind of their own! But, this is a sign that your roof may need a replacement.

3). Your roof looks old and worn out – This is the obvious sign. So yeah… it’s most likely time for a new one. Roofs that look like they are in bad shape, typically are in bad shape. Don’t procrastinate on getting it checked out, because other problems are likely to occur if it continues to go unfixed. It never hurts to take precaution, taking that step to get an inspection and figuring out a strategy for your convenience will help both the roofer and you as well.

4). Granules are missing – Granules are the small grain-like balls you see on your roof’s shingle. They help keep UV rays off the asphalt coating of the shingles, make the roof more fire resistant, and strengthen the shingle, allowing it to be more durable. If you notice missing granules chunks or see granules near your home’s walkway, it a sign it might be time for a replacement.

5). Major storm – If a big storm comes through, you may want to get your roof inspected sooner rather than later. Just because a tree didn’t fall directly onto your roof or you can’t see anything physically wrong , it doesn’t mean that no damage was incurred. Harsh winds, which may seem un-damaging,  for example can greatly impact your roof and cause the need for a replacement.


Further Action:

Still not sure if your roof needs replacing? If you have any doubts about the current state of your roof, your best bet is to call a professional. The goal is to prevent any serious issues from occurring and to fix any existing ones. You can always depend on a roofer to give you an accurate answer.

Take a look at different websites and you will have a better understanding of the quality of professional work and how much customers are valued. Take action today and fix your roof. The longer you wait, the more severe the issue may become and we definitely do not want that.