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Josh Sutton, President 

Our Mission

At Elite Roofing & Restoration, our mission is simply this: to serve our community—both commercially and residentially—with the most attentive of services and uncompromising workmanship. We deliver unwavering integrity and professionalism throughout every project, which is a reason why Elite Roofing & Restoration remains an industry leader. Our foundation is built on trust and respect; therefore, we have been able to cultivate lifelong relationships with our clients—and their complete satisfaction—throughout our years.

The team making up Elite Roofing & Restoration come from diverse professional backgrounds, each with unique skill sets. Each member has extensive professional experience throughout various fields in the industry, whether insurance adjusting, construction, or inspection. Our combined skill set makes up the entire realm of home restoration—the Elite Roofing & Restoration team. With our diverse league of professionals, each skill set is strategically leveraged to help provide the best solution possible for each client. The crews we have—who perform all the work for our clients—are simply the best: reliable, dependable, and with a vast amount of experience for each individual task.

Elite Standards

We have something we call the solution turn-key; it means we’re the single point of contact from the start to the completion of the project. Being proactive in communication, Elite Roofing & Restoration offers peace of mind by paying close attention to your needs and expectations, and executes your desired results every time. In addition, we provide photo and video documentation for each client; Elite Roofing & Restoration believes you should know exactly what you (and we) are working with, every step of the way.

Our materials are either specific for the type of installation, requirement for the project, or a personal recommendation from us. Citing better performance than existing materials, the types of materials we utilize are all as good—if not better—than what currently exists. Simply put, we’re the best. Not only are we skilled, but each crew has vast experience in different fields of home restoration, forming a truly Elite team. Elite Roofing & Restoration makes sure each crew has the best solution possible for each project’s most favorable outcome—whether commercial or residential—and sees it through.

Josh Sutton


“My philosophy for our company is: think service first.

Originally from Grand Junction, Colorado, Josh is a former airline captain with over 5,000 hours of international—and domestic—aviation experience. Since 2008, Josh has been extensively involved in supervising both residential and large commercial projects. In fact, his diverse background and career expertise is what guarantees the best possible results for his clients—every single time.

Josh Sutton is deeply involved with storm restoration and insurance claim work in DFW, and has been for over 13 years. While his early career focused mainly on commercial property services, Elite Roofing & Restoration allowed him to use his professional experience to serve residential properties as well. One of Elite Roofing Restoration’s main priorities is to personally guide each client—step-by-step—throughout the entire process. Josh curated an elite, diversely skilled team committed to personal service and exceptional results. Today, Josh lives in the Dallas area with his fiancée and son. 

“I am a DFW roof professional in an industry that has a very bad reputation. My promise to you is to be honest and open about your options, and assist in navigating the complex insurance claim process.”

As a true client advocate and experienced expert in roofing and home restoration, Josh Sutton’s personal attention to every detail of a project is unmatched in the industry. Throughout his career in home restoration, he’s delivered exceptional results; Elite Roofing & Restoration does this by being proactive in communication, and paying close attention to each client’s needs and expectations. As a result, Elite Roofing & Restoration cultivated a profound process for one-on-one communication—leading to continuously profound results.