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Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection

They say, “after the storm comes the shine.” Well, this isn’t always the case. Have you ever experienced roofing issues after a storm? In this instance, after the storm, comes a professional roof inspection. But, wait. We know what you may be thinking. “I’ll get on Youtube and fix it myself.” In this era of Google and YouTube, many people may do the same thing in this situation. Think about this. Would you just Google the symptoms of heart disease, make a self-diagnosis, and start treatment without a doctor on board? So, why would you do the same for your roof.

There are numerous reasons why you should have a professional roof inspection. With excitement, we have highlighted our four greatest reasons you should hire a professional to inspect your roof after a storm.

1). Pure Knowledge

Have you noticed any minor or major damages after a storm? Cracked or curled shingles? Small leaks? Damaged vents? In the eyes of an experienced professional, there is no escaping discovery for any hidden damages. We are quick to catch damages, on a small or large scale, as soon as they appear. However, in most cases there is much more beneath the surface that is left to discover. It is important that you know and understand how to go about fixing your problem. This is why knowledge is one the most important aspects that we would like for you to embrace when it come to roofing. Where you might just see a curled shingle, a professional inspector will see damaged flashing on eaves, dormers, or sidewall, damage to drains and gutters, damaged fascia, mold or algae intrusion, and even detrimental structural damage that should be tended to ASAP.

 Noticing damages and understanding the best way to make an effective decision is key in solving the specific roofing problem. The knowledge that professional roofers have to offer from their expertise combined with your knowledge from research will give the exert the opportunity to fix your damage with limited liabilities. We are confident that your experience with a professional will run more smoothly through pure knowledge that is delivered throughout the inspection process.


2). Injury Prevention

Injuries are the last thing we want anyone to experience. Especially, when it involves dealing with roofing issues. The average person is not properly trained to climb up a 25-foot home and walk freely on an angled roof. We can already hear your family yelling, “What are you doing” and we agree with them. We strongly encourage you not to take that risk. There are more effective ways to go about it that can prevent an injury from happening and money being taken out of your wallet for unexpected medical expenses. Working on a roof is extremely dangerous; trust us we know from experience. We have been through the proper training for professional inspections and want to save you that trouble.


3). Seeing Damage – What to do?

Sometimes, homeowners just like to do things on their own. When dealing with roofing problems, you may tend to assess the situation yourself in fear of having to come out of a pocket. Save your time and effort. That’s what the professionals are here for. Regardless of what you discover, you will still need the expertise of a professional to decide the extent of the repair. A professional inspector is there to inform you on the best and most efficient ways to get your roof back to pre-storm condition as soon as possible. For instance, they will let you know whether your damaged roof requires repairs or a replacement, something most people can’t tell. The inspector has years of industry roofing experience, let the him put your mind to ease and tell you how to proceed. That’s what they are here for!