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How to Choose the Best Shingle Color for Your Roof

 BlogHow to Choose the Best Shingle Color for Your Roof A new roof is an exciting prospect. It caps off your home like the bow on top of a gift box, which is why it’s important to have a plan before you select a color for your roof. You want it to coordinate well with...

How to Protect Yourself and Your Home in a Storm

 BlogStorms present numerous hazards that can be deadly to humans and harmful to homes. High winds can be devastating to windows and roofs, and flash floods are a serious threat whether you’re at home or outdoors. In 2017, Texas was one of three states in the USA with...

Cleaning Your Gutters 101

Cleaning your gutters isn’t probably something you think about doing everyday. But you should be thinking about it at least twice a year. Here we have more information to prepare you for that process.

Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection

Most homeowners think that they can see what’s wrong with a roof and fix it themselves. This isn’t the best idea. There are numerous things than can go wrong. That’s why we always recommend you hire a professional for a roof inspection.