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DIY Vs. Professional

Many homeowners choose the “do it yourself” route in hopes of saving money. There’s a misconception that roof replacement is easy with the proper tools, materials, and guidance. Youtube and Google has us inclined to just search how to replace or repair a roof and then we’re on our way to doing just that. Not so fast! The risk of doing it yourself outweighs the risk of having a professional do it by a large magnitude. However, we completely understand the reasoning behind it. We all would like to do many things ourselves and not have to worry about taking the extra effort to get a professional to help us, right? Doing your own roof replacement will save you money and that is all there is to it. End of the matter? Not so.

Has there been a time when you tried to fix something and made it worse? This is a common issue we come across when homeowners choose to replace their roof themselves. Unfortunately, the outcome of doing that only created a bigger problem. What was minor may now be major. Ugh, another headache and more worrying. Moral of the story; just let a professional replace your roof.

A professional will thoroughly investigate the options to best handle your roof replacement. This is definitely the route to go. Subsequently, this will usually save you more money than doing it yourself! Years of being on the roof as a professional has taught me there is no summing up of all the intricacies of roofing in one do-it-yourself line. You may do your roof replacement, you may not. It varies.


Your Safety

Ouch, that hurts. That’s the reaction of a homeowner accidentally hurting themselves while climbing on their roof. Why would you do that to yourself? We certainly do not want that. Being on top of your house has potential dangers far greater than many are prepared to admit. For one, it is unlike any other ventures at home, like plumbing, painting or fixing the garage, which are usually done on the floor. The roof deals with height and falling off it is a possibility. A strong wind gust and one wrong move may have lead you to experiencing a terrible injury. Make the smarter choice.

For a professional roofer, the possibility of falling off is slim. With years of training and experience, it easier for us to maneuver in a safe manner. Can professionals injure themselves while working on a roof? Of course, but not very often. This is because years of working on the roof have taught them a few skills on moving (and working) about the roof without exposing themselves to the danger of sliding off. They know where to step on, how much energy to put on their footing, the use of supporting lumber, and what to do in case of an emergency. Everything professionals do while on the roof is executed through prominent experience.

For small work, a DIY effort might serve you more efficiently. We get it. Be smart regardless. The bigger the work, the longer you have to be above the earth, and the higher the likelihood of an unforeseen incident.


It Can Get Complicated

Roofing is not all that straightforward despite how it advertised on different digital platforms. It is not all about installing shingles in a straight file. No, there are ridges, valleys, and hips on your roof. Some of these things even have subdivisions. A lot to know, huh? For instance, there are open valleys and closed valleys, the difference being that open valleys are made up of 6-inch strip of uncovered metal along the length of the valley while closed valleys are self-flashing. If you don’t understand this, DIY is not for you and getting a professional will be wiser.

You may conquer the basic roofing task, but struggle with the cutting, straddling, and nailing that come with more complicated work. Professionals have seen it all and to be completely transparent, it is not always a pretty sight no matter how much you’ve researched. A lot of times homeowners may think they have in depth experience regarding replacement, but end up finding out that more complications stem from doing it yourself. We strongly encourage you to do your research regardless. Both sides have to do their due diligence to make this process is as less of a headache as possible. Ultimately, calling a professional roofer is the move.


Your Decision

If your safety and the complications involved in replacing your roof yourself are rather overwhelming, then DON’T do it yourself. Don’t even make it a consideration. You can’t Google and read yourself into an expert roofer overnight. We would not mislead nor misinform you. Some things take time. Consider a professional. Tearing off the old roof is the least complicated part of roof replacement. Having roof trouble and don’t know where to begin? Talk to your roofer and see if you can tear off the roof yourself while he does the replacement. There’s a good chance he will do everything for you to save you any trouble.

Talk to your roofer first. In the end, you will be thankful that you made the right decision. Both sides come out safe and satisfied. That’s the goal and you’ll be relieved that your roof is now fixed and no incidents or additional damages have occurred.