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How Your Roofing Affects the Temperature of Your Home

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Roof Tips | 0 comments

It’s summertime in Texas, and that means it’s hot out there. With temperatures hovering around the 100-degree mark, it’s no wonder North Texans are eager to find ways to keep their homes cool without inflating their energy bills. At Elite Roofing and Restoration Services, we’re all about helping our customers save money in every little way we can.

Did you know that your roof might be to blame for some of the heat in your house? It’s true. The features of your roof, the material of your shingles, and even the color can determine how hot your house gets in the sweltering summer months. Let’s take a closer look at how your roofing affects the temperature of your home and what you can do to make it better.


Roofing Colors and Materials

We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t wear black on a hot day because the color absorbs heat. The same goes for roofing shingles. Dark colors can retain heat that eventually passes into your home’s interior, while white or light colors reflect heat away from your house.

Roofing materials are equally as important, if not more, in determining how much heat will transfer into your home. Regular asphalt shingles have been shown to reflect only about 30% of the sun’s hot rays. Metal roofs reflect almost all of the sun’s heat regardless of their color. light colored roof

Insufficient Ventilation

A good ventilation system allows hot air to escape your home and cool air to be drawn in and cooled even more. As experienced roofers and home renovators, the team at Elite Roofing knows how important it is to have sufficient ventilation in your attic.

Without enough ventilation, your home can develop moisture problems in the winter and retain too much heat in the summer. This will cause your AC system to overwork itself trying to meet the cooling demands. The result will be higher energy bills and possibly a burned-out AC unit. Let our experts come out and make sure your ventilation system is up to the task.


Modern Options

There are some new roofing options that will keep your home cooler through the months. One option is to have a radiant barrier installed. This is a barrier of highly reflective paint on the underside of your roof’s decking. It might look like you’ve painted the bottom of your roof silver, but the energy savings and cooler temperatures make it all worthwhile.

“Cool roofing” is another modern cooling solution. It involves roofing shingles that are made from extremely reflective materials or painted with reflective colors. Cool roofs are pricier than regular asphalt shingle roofs, but they do keep homes cooler in the summer.


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