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Roof Repair

Your roof has a life expectancy. But that life expectancy doesn’t always line up with the needs of your budget. We get that at Elite Roofing and Restoration Services, and that’s why, whenever possible, we try to preserve the life and the integrity of your existing roof. How do we do it? Here’s what you can expect. 

Free Evaluation 

If you notice signs of roof damage but aren’t sure whether it needs to be replaced, give us a call. We will send one of our experts to check out the damages. We also may have some questions about the age of the existing roof. Typically, an asphalt shingle roof can last anywhere from 15-30 years depending on the grade of the material. So, if we notice you have a roof that’s at the end of its life cycle, we may recommend a full-scale replacement now rather than later. 

After all, you’ll end up spending more if you replace the patch now and have to do more extensive work in a couple of years. Either way, we’ll explain your options and give you the freedom and the knowledge to make the best decision. 

Full Support

Whatever you decide, we’ll support you 100 percent and do the work you’ve hired us to do. If that means a roof repair, you can count on professional, on-time service. Beyond that, you can count on us to go the extra mile in doing the job right. To that regard, we’re able to not just replace shingles or sections of the roof. We also can match it to the look of your existing roof for a seamless look that won’t make your house or property stand out in all the wrong ways. 

Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction with Each Roof Repair

With the average roofing company, you can expect to hear from them until they’ve been paid. The end. After that, it doesn’t matter whether they did the job right or the same problems start to develop. At Elite Roofing and Restoration Services, we believe your money and your home deserve more attention than that. 

It is this very commitment to your satisfaction that leads us to do unheard-of-in-our-industry things like following up with you after the job is through to see how things are going. See, we stand by our work, and we’re not happy unless you’re happy. 

So if you’re ready for a company that can guarantee your satisfaction for both roof repairs and replacements, then you need to contact us today and receive a free evaluation and quote. We look forward to helping you in any way you let us. 

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