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Roof Replacement

Roof replacement times vary depending on the style of shingle or covering you choose for your home or office. But generally, the lifespan is in the ballpark of 15-30 years. It’s not an expense you have to think of very often. However, it’s one you should not put off when the time comes. 

That’s because leaks from roof damage can infiltrate other parts of your home and lead to expensive issues like mold growth. So when it’s time for a full-scale replacement, it’s time for you to call us: Elite Roofing and Restoration Services. 

At Elite, we have many years of roofing experience, and we’re ready to put those to work for you. Here’s what you can expect if you choose to hire us. 

Fast Response, On-Time Service

Many roofing companies are eager to get your business, but less eager when it comes to doing the actual work. They show up at-the-ready until you enter the contract. After that, you get what you get. At Elite, you can count on us to respond quickly to your questions and to show up on time and ready to work every single day until the project is complete. 

Accurate, No-Surprise Quotes

Beware the roofing company that can’t give you a firm idea of what something will cost, or they turn in a final price that’s quite a bit different from what they initially quoted. These disparities usually come with a list of excuses as to why it just “had” to be that way. One of the things our customers really value about us is that our final prices are in-line with our initial estimates. That’s because we won’t give you a quote until we’re sure about the scope of the project.

Considerate Labor

Want to really make an enemy out of your neighbor? Hire an unreliable roofing company that starts work too early or stays too late, hammering and banging during the hours when your neighbor is typically off work and ready to enjoy some family time. At Elite, we realize you can’t please everyone. But we also know there are prime hours for labor where you disturb the least amount of people. We try to schedule our workday at times when most of the neighbors are away. 

Additionally, we believe in cleaning up the worksite — not just at the end of the job but at the end of the day. That way, we never turn your neighborhood into an eyesore. Even a temporary one. 

Unequaled Expertise in Roof Replacement

Above all, customers choose Elite because we know what we’re doing, and it shows in the long list of happy customers and projects we’ve delivered. If you’re ready to do a roof replacement on your home or property, contact us today. We’ve worked with almost every type of material. We work quickly. We work efficiently. And our results are second to none. 

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