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Storm Damage Restoration

The possibility of storm damage to your home or business roof exists year-round, though there are certain seasons where it might be more prevalent than others. In Dallas, the spring, in particular, can leave many home and property owners feeling the effects. 

At Elite Roofing and Restoration Services, we understand the importance of urgently addressing issues before they become bigger issues. Damages that go unaddressed can spread rapidly and make the entire structure more susceptible to the elements. Our experts are ready to provide restoration services on any damaged roof in a timely manner that reduces the risk and saves you money. 

Here is how we do it.

Noticing Storm Damage Issues

Even roofing companies can have trouble noticing the issues your roof is facing. But nothing gets by us. We’re going to be able to tell when evaluating your roof whether granules are missing from shingles; whether there is cracking or splitting into parts of the surface; and whether “bruising,” or noticeable discolorations, are occurring. 

On the opposite side of that, we are honest and we’re not going to start “seeing” issues where none exist. You can expect evidence of your storm damage presented to you, and we even encourage you to ask someone you trust who may have more knowledge than you about what to look for. 

Working on Your Time

Scheduling us to come out and address a storm damage issue is super-simple and convenient. Just let us know when you plan to be at work and what the character of your neighborhood is like. We’ll schedule a time that is the most convenient for you and your neighbors, and we won’t work too late or too early.

Of course, that’s not a problem for small damages, but for the more extensive ones, it can be. No matter. Customer service is a part of who we are, and that’s what you’ll get when you choose Elite Roofing and Restoration Services. 

Fixing the Storm Damage Restoration Problem at an Affordable Price

With Elite, you’ll get high-quality work every time. We’ll ensure the damaged area is gone for good and your roof looks and functions as good as new. So don’t entrust your home or commercial roof to anyone. Trust in a company that has earned a solid reputation in an industry that can get a bad reputation.

We are largely referral-driven, and we believe in honoring the integrity of each person or business who recommends us. Contact us today to experience the difference for yourself.  

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