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We believe the roofing industry overall is corrupt. Our brand is tied to our reputation and we exist to give you a solution with integrity. We don’t show up with flat-billed hats and jacked up trucks, but we deliver exceptional services with genuine care. A home is one of the biggest investments you can make – we’re here to protect the home and the homeowner.

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Picking the wrong roofer can lead you to fraud!


Average salesman looking to get quick commission
In-experienced rookie team
Slow response times
Disappear when the sales is done
Warranty disappears when they drive away
2nd hand materials from hardware stores
Cheap labor
Risk of committing insurance fraud

Elite Experience

Honest information
13 years of experience with expert team
Proactive response and effective communication
We are accessible as long as you need us
Certified with multiple manufactures
We buy direct from distributor
Quality and experienced team
We follow the state and local laws
Fully insured

For the Elite Experience
Call 214.544.9062