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What’s In? A Guide to Residential Roofing Trends in 2019

by | Jun 10, 2019 | roofing industry | 0 comments

Your roof protects your entire home and looks good doing it. But is your roof made of the greenest materials? Is it designed to keep your energy bills low? It could be! At Elite Roofing and Restoration Services, we stay up to date on the latest trends in roofing, and we like to keep our customers updated as well. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the most popular and coolest trends we’ve seen this year in residential roofing.


Green Roofing

With so many people opting to go green these days, it’s no wonder the trend has taken hold in the roofing industry. Green roofing can mean one of two things: a “living roof” covered in vegetation, or a roof made from eco-friendly “green” materials.

Living roofs are gradually gaining popularity in America, but they are very high-maintenance. They are literally a garden on your rooftop, so they require thorough waterproofing and a good drainage system. They are also quite heavy, as extra layers are required to give roots a place to grow. If you’re willing to put up with the time and expense of installing a living roof, you will be rewarded with a beautiful and unique feature that cleans the air around your home.

Green roofing materials have soared in popularity year over year. Many homeowners are looking for renewable or recyclable materials for their homes. Reclaimed tiles and recycled asphalt shingles are in demand. Metal roofs are another hotly sought-after alternative in 2019. They come in dozens of colors, they are fireproof, and most of the metal can be reused after the roof is removed.

Cool Roofs

Not cool as in trendy (although they are that, too), but cool as in lower temperatures. It all has to do with the color of the roof. You know how dark clothing absorbs heat, so you tend to sweat more when wearing a black shirt in the summer? The same goes for roofs. Dark roofs absorb more heat, while light colors reflect it. White and light-colored roofs are popping up wherever people want to lower their cooling bills, like right here in North Texas. White metal roofs combine an eco-friendly material with improved energy efficiency, making them an excellent choice for anyone who wants a strong roof with minimal impact on the environment.


There is no doubt that natural light is beautiful and even beneficial to mental wellbeing. Skylights are making a comeback in 2019 because they brighten up homes with their natural light and reduce the need to use electrical lighting during the day. If your home could benefit from the warm glow of natural lighting, talk to us about skylight installation. Skylights are very well-insulated, so they could even help regulate your home’s temperature.

Between the rooftop gardens, the recyclable materials, and the natural lighting, the big takeaway from 2019’s residential roofing trends is this: it’s cool to be in touch with nature. Reusing and recycling have taken hold in the roofing industry, and the results have been spectacular. With more shingles and paintable materials available now than ever before, you can go green in any color you like!


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