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When to Repair. When to Replace.

“It’s just one dent, do I really need to replace my entire roof?” The truth is, unless you are a professional roofer, you probably won’t know the answer. Although, it might seem like a relatively simple question, it’s not a simple decision. We have listed out just a few of the numerous important factors Elite Roofing considers in order to decide whether your roof will need a repair or a replacement.

Roof Life Span

An average roof is meant to last between twenty to thirty years. However, that range is definitely leaning on the positive side. This is Texas; we know your roof is going to go head on with baseball-sized hail one day, to be followed by scorching heat the next. While it’s obvious why hail can shorten the lifespan of your roof, many don’t realize other “normal” climate conditions can do just as much damage. When exposed to too much direct sunlight, persistent winds, and other harsh climate conditions, a roof might begin to wear out and crack faster than expected. This is why consistent evaluations are important for a longer life span. So, when you notice damage on the roof, put the climate in consideration and subtract the age of the shingle, then you will arrive at a clearer current state of the roof. In addition, although nothing is ever certain, it’s more likely you will repair a roof less than ten years old because it’s younger, stronger, and can sustain more damage in the long run. On the other hand, it’s more probable you will have to replace a roof older than fifteen years, due to the extended years of continuous damage and weathering. Great news, huh?

Evaluating the size of the damage

 The sizeof the damage should always be considered when determining a repair or replacement. We like to look at the size of the damage compared to the overall size of the roof. If the damage to the roof is smaller, it’s likely it will only need to be repaired in the damaged areas. However, if the entire roof is damaged, you are probably looking at needing a roof replacement. Let’s hope this is not the case! But, don’t always talk this advice to heart. In some cases, the damage looks small, but is actually just the visible part of a more serious problem. A lot of times, we tend to overlook the small issues that eventually lead to bigger problems. That’s why we always recommend you call a professional to help you assess the damage.

The Aesthetics of Your Home

When your roof is damaged, your roofer will have to replace the roof with shingles that match the exact color of your previous roof. In newer homes, we don’t run into a lot of trouble with finding a match. We are able to secretly repair the patch of damaged roof and no one will ever notice the difference. However, if your roof is older, it gets a little tougher. Your existing roof may have sun damage, which caused slight color distortion to the shingles, making it impossible to purchase a color matched shingle. Additionally, your old shingle may no longer be on the market. But do not get discouraged. Overall, the aesthetics of your home is something you will want to consider when having to choose between a roof repair or a roof replacement.  

The Cost of the Repair

 It is common knowledge among roofing experts that extended partial re-roofing jobs can cost more money per square than a complete replacement. Therefore, if significant sections of your roof are damaged, why spend more repairing the roof when you can just replace it? But, keep in mind to the fact that if the whole roof is badly damaged, it can be a key sign that your roof is in need of a complete replacement. Don’t worry. We will take care of you if replacement is needed!

The Counsel of an Expert

 The goal is to add value for you through effective roof repairing or replacement. This process can be nerve-wracking, but it is an experience that many homeowners face at least once or twice. It is important to be knowledgeable about how to deal with these types of situations. That’s why we always recommend you consult an expert roofer like Elite Roofing, who genuinely care about the quality of your roof and your overall satisfaction.


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