We may live in North Texas, where it rarely snows or gets cold enough in the winter for much ice. However, there are still occasions where the winter elements hit our region. Which means that our homes, and especially roofs, are exposed to and negatively impacted by these elements. 

Surprisingly, snow and ice can actually cause serious damage to our roofs later down the road. While we may not have to deal with these elements often, it’s still important that you learn and understand what you may need to be aware of when snow and ice do occur. Better to be safe than sorry!

Here are 4 main issues that you need to be aware of regarding how snow and ice impact your roof!


Humans aren’t the only ones that experience and endure stress –our homes and roofs actually do too! While it typically takes heavy snow to cause roofs to collapse inward, small amounts of accumulated ice and snow can still cause damage such as leaks and cracks. Any form of water will naturally flow to the lowest point on your roof. When temperatures drop below freezing, the water can freeze and form large ice blocks. More ice blocks, over time, can wear down your roof and cause significant damage. 

Ice Dams

Water from ice melting is trapped on the roof and when enough ice has accumulated, ice dams are created. On the roof, in gutters, and in downspouts. This water then takes the “path of least resistance under the roof system, or sideways and through flashings, which were not designed for to handle this kind of moisture” [Home Advisor]. When this happens, interior water damage as well as gutter damage can occur. 

Gutter Damage

Gutters are an essential part of your roof, and can be susceptible to damage due to snow and ice (see above). Unfortunately, ice in gutters and downspouts are nearly impossible to remove without causing significant roof damage or hurting the gutters themselves. If your gutter is filled with blocks of ice, you definitely have a repair waiting to happen! But there is good news here. There actually are some measures you can take to prevent the likelihood of ice blocks, and therefore gutter damage, happening. Ensure your gutters are cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of them getting clogged with ice. In some cases, the whole gutter system can actually be removed to prevent this damage. [Home Advisor]

Potential Leaks

With accumulation of snow and/or ice, there is always a possibility for cracks forming in the roofs of our homes. When water flows into even the tiniest crack, major damage can occur! Why? Water that flows into a crack, can easily become a leak in your home. Not only that but multiple cracks over time can cause even more prominent cracks. Even if a leak does not occur, water that freezes in a crack can expand, causing the crack to grow in size.

It’s wise to be aware of the potential impact snow and ice have on your home and roof. Regardless of whether the area you live in receives the elements often or not. If you ever notice any damage due to snow or ice, or some other natural disaster, ensure that you partner with the right company to restore your home!

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